A downloadable game for Android

A game of arks, animals and coupling developed by Joon [link], Raimund Schumacher [link] and Gemma Thomson [link] at the Lyst Summit Game Jam in 2015.

When God unleashes his flood to wipe the world clean, he calls upon Noah to gather up animals in a great ark, that they all might be saved. Ever the practically-minded man, Noah points out a few flaws with this plan, and so by divine power he is cloned, forming the basis of the Noah Shipping Company.

Take the helm on a multitude of arks, flinging animals back and forth between your ship and your partner's in order to form pairs. Once the boat is full, swipe to bring in a new one. Save as many animal species as you can, and remember that you're working co-operatively!

Install instructions

This game was designed for the Nexus 7 2013 model - bear in mind that it will run best on devices with 1920x1200px screens, and in portrait.

Simply download the .apk to your device and open it using a file manager application to install.


Noah's Arks.apk 23 MB